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Stagiaire Ecole Supérieure des Technologies et des Affaires de Belfort Belfort sur : stagiaires

Commercial placement abroad must be done in language other than french and in B to B situation preferably

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Date de dernière connexion : 2015-05-20

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68000 Colmar

Métiers préparés : Métiers du marketing, sales, business, management, industrial sector, etc

Ecole: Ecole Supérieure des Technologies et des Affaires de Belfort
90000 Belfort

Cycle : 2eme année

Dernier niveau d'etudes validé avec diplome : Bac
Dernier diplome : Baccalauréat Scientifique spécialité SVT
Niveau d'études actuel : Bac+2
Métiers préparés : Métiers du marketing, sales, business, management, industrial sector, etc
First Certificate in English de Cambridge University (FCE) certifiant un niveau minimum B1 en anglais (progrès depuis lors)
Durée du stage : 5 mois minimum
Début du stage :
2014-09-01 2015-01-23
Temps Plein Oui
Alternance Non
Mobilité autour de votre lieu d'habitation : 11 >> 30Km

Lettre de motivation

As a second year student at the ESTA (Ecole Supérieure des Technologies et des Affaires de Belfort) I am now looking for a training course to validate my 3rd year of studies. This placement has to take place from the beginning of September to the end of January. But I’m ready to fly as soon as possible for a mission as I can extend my placement’s duration. My dream for the future is to set up my own business and, if possible, it would be in Manila as Philippines is the place of my dreams for my future career.

My school provides us many lessons in both commercial and technical parts that goes from negotiating and sales technics to marketing, IT (MS Office & General knowledges), languages, mechanics, etc. Here’s our website’s link for more informations : ESTA.

Earlier this year I had to find a training course for my second year in the school and I chose to do it in a start-up company launching a car sharing software. They had nothing but the product. The training course subject was about prospection and sales but what I wanted was to learn as many things as possible and develop my company’s activity. And so I did. I had to take part in benchmarking, invitation to tender’s answers (50 pages docs), marketing (texts creation, texts and designs for flyers, leaflets, etc), prospecting data bases creation, prospecting, appointments, signing contracts). At some point I realized that my company should’ve changed their business plan and so I suggested them a new one that they adopted right away. I had to work way more than 35hrs/week but that’s not the point, I’m a hard-worker and I don’t like to count hours spent at work as long as I obtain results and feel useful to the business !

Following my dream, I try to take part in as many actions like activity launches as I can. This year I’ve been (and still am) working on launching an adapted clothing brand called Onlimi (voluntarily). This brand is developed in partnership with the APF (French Paralyzed Association). I had to take part in activities such as benchmarking, Media Kit creation, SEO, using Google Ads, community management (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), some web design and I observed a colleague of mine doing the web development. I also had to elaborate the video’s that will appear on the website (interviews of APF and key people of the project). We also organized a fashion show to show what our products will look like. More over we had to deal with problems such as finding companies to product our clothes or fit the APF expectations in terms of design, texts, etc. It is a very interesting and enriching project.

I guess I can be a good contributor to an activity launch or development and I'm really willing to work hard to bring the best to the company which will trust me and take me in !

I’m looking forward to hearing from you,


Looking for a Placement

Commercial action overseas

(sales & marketing)


    Share And Move solutions in Montbéliard (25) – France

From 4/11/2013 to 31/01/2014 Prospection/Sales Placementcar sharing software

Prospection actions (creating a prospection data base, phoning, mailing, marketing, communication, price grid and packaged offers creation, etc), sales actions (appointments, negotiation, signing contracts), suggesting new business plan (adopted by the company)

    DS Smith Kaysersberg in Kunheim (68) – France

1st of April to 7th June 2013 “Industrial production and process improvement” placement in a corrugated factory.

4 weeks working on the production line;

6 weeks working on a process improvement, gains: security, optimized tool changing method.

    Adapted Clothing Brand launch for the APF (French Paralyzed Association) - voluntarily

2014 Launching a brand

Web, marketing, communication, production organization, benchmarking, etc

    French Central Government Revenue of Colmar (68) – France

July/August 2012 Work as Treasury’s comptroller’s assistant

Accounting and archiving


2013/2014 2nd year of a 5 year study leading to the MSC Business Engineering diploma

Superior School of Business and Technologies (ESTA) in Belfort (90)

June 2012 Baccalauréat Scientifique Sciences de la Vie et de la Terre

Specialty: Biology - Blaise Pascal Secondary School in Colmar - 68


    Technical skills: Electrotechnics, mechanics, materials.
    Commercial skills: Marketing, prospection, sales, communication
    IT: MS Office, Mac’s software, Social Network management, Photofiltre
    Language skills: Intermediate level German

Confident level in English (certified by the First Certificate in English, or FCE, of Cambridge University)


Outils / Logiciels / Méthodes maitrisés : Microsoft Office, Package logiciels Mac, Photofiltre & likes, Google Ads

Permis VL, PL, véhicules spéciaux : Permis B

Langues :
Anglais : Courant
Allemand : Intermédiaire
Norvégien nynorsk : Débutant
Espagnol : Débutant

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